Saturday, March 2nd

I wanted something different for Princess to taste after our Saturday evening salsa course.

No smoked salmon and exquisite Italian white wine like Lenotti’s Soave Classico or a mix of French and Italian cheese topped off with a delicious red wine made of Shiraz grapes like a “Brothers in Arms”. Trust me, this Shiraz Cabernet is a pure orgasm of taste when served at the right temperature and with the perfect company and in the perfect mood.

Got a bottle a few months ago and Princess loved it and I even more as I drank, well, licked it from her perfect shaped body.
I admit, I’m a real hedonistic sob and I’m trying to get Princess there too. Not that I have a hard time doing so.
So I entered this little shop with Little A. It sells high-priced oils for cooking and hard to find liquors. I carefully read the labels on every barrel and ended up with two options.

The store owner offered me to taste both and I finally opted for the Speyside Single Malt Whisky, 29 years old, from the Aultmore Distillery.

Later that evening we went to our Salsa training and Little A. accompanied us and she had fun, laughing gently with her father, yet astonished when she saw me move on the music she is not at all familiar with.
Back home I told Princess I had bought some nail polish for Little A., she just loves doing nails, mostly her own and that I had pampered myself with liquid gold.
Princess smiled when I added I had something for her too.
“Close your eyes”, I commanded, “and stick out your left hand.”
She obeyed speedily. After all I am her Master.
“Open them again, Princess”, I said.
“OMG,” she whispered when she saw the little paper box with the Leonidas logo.
“Yes,” I nodded, “Belgian chocolate and Scotch Single Malt, a marriage made in heaven. Like pain and pleasure.”
Once again Princess smiled as she knows everything about the subtle mix of pain and lust, I made her discover and she closed her eyes in anticipation.

We sat down in the couch and sipped from our whisky which I served pure of course, noblesse oblige.
The whisky smells very fruity but explodes in the mouth with a tasteful mix of wood, honey, gooseberry and vanilla leaving a very pleasant bitter taste.

The careful mix of Leonidas pralines teased our taste buds even more and Princess enjoyed these incentives with closed eyes.
We watched Kill Bill 2 and she loved it, even more than the first one.

After the film we went to bed and played and enjoyed and loved each other.

Speyside Single Malt

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