Sticky seed pod

I love/used to love making extreme macro photographs. It is astonishing what one can see when a subject is magnified x-times.
Aren’t images taken with an electron microscope just awesome? How an amoeba can become a horrible monster.

During a walk I found this pod of seeds and believe me it sticks like Velcro. I made a photograph with my Sigma 180mm macro and then a close-up using the same lens but with a 68mm extension tube. This weekend I’m going to try to make an image with this rig and a bellows to get an even bigger magnification.
The camera used is the Olympus E-PM1 with an adapter so it fits to Nikon gear.

Sticky thing

Sticky thing magnified x-times

4 thoughts on “Sticky seed pod”

  1. You have a very healthy hobby. Bet you should have a large collection of photos. Should get an opportunity to exhibit them in a public gallery!

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