You by Princess

I want to climb mountains and
Go boating on the deepest oceans
With you, my love.

I want to fly to the Far East
And ride on elephants.
To travel to Cologne,
Paris and,
Even better,
Travel the world.
With you, my love.

Can you see me?
Can you feel me?
Can you hear my breath?
Are you real or
Am I just dreaming you?

I want to feel you
My love.
Make my skin burn.
Let my lips crave.
Feed my desire.
Only then I’m sure
You and I exist
For real.

Let the world perish.
As long as I have you
I don’t give a damn.

A rainbow

Just a twig

This 25mm/1.4 CCTV-lens is a marvel. Wide open it is only sharp in the center with huge falloff to the corners and a beautiful vignette to add to it all.

Focusing is hard and during my walk I was mad at myself I didn’t take a tripod and a cable release with me.

Love the bokeh this lens gives and it has some of the look ‘n feel of a lens baby.

Just a twig

Floating feather

I wish I could float like this feather.
No worries, no uncertainties except the knowledge of being nothing anymore at some point in time.

The standard zoom lens of my Olympus goes extends only to 45mm so I should get a good zoom lens in the near future. Guess it will be a Lumix, maybe the Vario G 45-200mm.
There are some Leica lenses that will fit on this camera but they are so expensive.



Yesterday, in the early morning, Big A. texted me asking if I could pick her up at school around 6 pm or so.
“Sure kiddo,” I told my first-born child.
After work I had about an hour and a half to spend and normally I would have gone home to read before leaving again for a 20′ drive to her school. I didn’t.

In stead I drove to a nearby park and went for a walk. With my Olympus E-PM1 that is and some glass.
It felt good as it had been for ages since I deliberately went somewhere with the intention of taking photographs.

Is it coming back? I sure do hope so as I find it easier to make images than to write. But then again maybe I’m just lazy.

I had my favorite Lumix 20mm/1.7 mounted but for this shot I used my 25mm/1.4 CCTV lens I got very cheap on eBay.