February 14th, 2013

Today is Valentines Day.
It is mostly a very commercial happening and yet I fall for it.
Don’t get me wrong, I honor Princess every day and I don’t need an incentive to pamper her.

But could we do without Xmas or New Year’s Eve?
Easter? Birthdays?
Sure we could, I for one can’t remember when I last celebrated Xmas.

Princess and I had our Valentine moment a few days ago, Tuesday evening to be precise. I had prepared olives and toasts and Cava.

I fetched her at half past nine in the evening and at my place we spend some time cuddling and kissing and we talked a little more about the movie we saw on Monday, Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” a movie I really liked very much.
I’m not very acquainted with American politics but I know I would vote for the Democrats. I have the impression that Republicans are much more conservative and favor the rich and have much more supporters for the NRA.
So I was really surprised to learn that President Lincoln was a Republican, as it doesn’t coexist with the image I have of them.
The second surprise on that Monday evening was the fact Princess stayed for the night and the next morning I had to get up early for work and she could stay in bed as her work is only 10′ away.
When I left my place it felt as if we were really living together and boy the idea made me so happy!

Back to Tuesday evening.
Princess loved the earrings I had gotten her and I was touched by her card and words of intense love she had written in it.
She gave me a keychain with a key, the one of her home. Symbolic of course as I’m still not granted access to the premises.
“I really do hope you can use them very soon now,” she whispered and I hushed her, kissing her ever so gently.

We enjoyed Nick Cave’s new CD and went to bed where we cuddled and kissed and I took her to heaven and the smiled and told me she loved me and we fell asleep.

Wednesday morning Princess took me to a clothing store where she had seen a very nice shirt. I didn’t like it as it was to busy, small black dots making me sick when I saw the move.
The second shirt she showed me I loved very much and she threw in a jacket and I look so very posh in it.

I drove Princess home and we said goodbye and that was it. School holidays, her kids need her attention too.

In the afternoon Little A. visited me and in the evening Big A. came over to my place to discuss her homework.
Business as usual.
I do miss Princess though.

Valentine Day is nothing without a card.
This morning when I left for work I drove by Princess’ work and dropped an envelope in their mailbox.
I was sure it would be a surprise.
Princess texted me later that morning.
Yessssss, it had been a hell of a surprise.


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