Wednesday, February 6

Around 6:40 this morning Princess left my place. It had been a very short night. The evening before we had talked about memories and she had spent lots of time phoning and texting her kids because they felt bad and lonely (as I did, but that is another story) while Princess was at my place.
Although I had told her I didn’t mind if she went back home to comfort them, she choose to stay with me and then I didn’t feel so bad and lonely anymore.

This Wednesday, February 6, is a sad anniversary for her kids as it has been 2 years since their father died.

February 5.
We went to bed just before midnight and almost two hours later I turned off the light.
“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, half asleep.
“Why my love?” I asked.
“You know,” she whispered, ashamed.
I knew.
Of course I did.
One never forgets a gift from the gods.
She had given herself to me so completely, as Princess always does when we make love.

I had taken Princess to the highest imaginable cliff and danced with her on its edge before giving her that final push.
And while she fell she had screamed, my Love, tearing up the silence in the building where I live, a long squeal, gasping for breath, tears in her beautiful light grey eyes.
I held her shivering body, warm and naked, in my arms, felt her heart racing like mad.
Slowly Princess calmed down while I softly stroked her skin giving her goose bumps and she peaked once again.
Her mouth looking for mine, touching lips, tongues twirling.

Princess had been riding me and it had been awesome, so damned intense, and it got even better when I felt a warm liquid running over my belly, over my balls, my thighs. She closed her eyes and shivered, her mouth cramped in a cry she didn’t make, her womanhood convulsing while she ejaculated.
“I love you,” she had sighed, “So much. You have no idea.”

“I don’t mind,” I answered, the wet stain of her love on my mattress protector against my back. “And you shouldn’t neither,” I added.

“Goodnight,” Princess said.
“Goodnight,” I replied and fell asleep spooning with the love of my life.

I didn’t dream as all what I have ever dreamt of was simply lying next to me.
Life can be that simple.
Well, most of the time that is.


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