Yesterday in the late evening I went for a walk and I had my Olympus with me.
In a few days, on Saturday to be exact, it is Princess’ her birthday.
Hell, I needed some inspiration.

Then I saw an awesome dress in the window of a trendy clothing store.

It is a very big store with lots of windows and I walked around the corner and then I saw IT.
And I knew IT would be gorgeous on Princess.

I took Princess to the store this morning and showed her the dress.

She looked fabulous in the red dress, red suits her very well, and it fitted her as a second skin, underlining the prefect curves of her body.
 Unfortunately it wasn’t an outfit she could wear for work and we don’t go out that often for her to put it on.

Then I asked the shop lady to show me IT and she smiled and she told me she hoped IT would fit because IT was the last one.

‘Wow’, Princess said when IT was brought and I helped Princess in IT and IT fitted like a glove and fuck, she looked awesome in IT.
This amazing red coat.

She looked not only stunning in IT, as a real Princess, but also a vulnerable beauty and I felt how my eyes became wet. Sheer beauty moves me so much.
Princess touches me almost every time we are together.

My partner.
My love.