I haven’t been very creative with making images these last few days. Photographer’s block I guess.

Although opportunity knocks all the time, one has not only to be prepared to see such an occasion but more important to understand it and digest it creatively.

This evening I bought some mushrooms. Baked them in olive oil, with parsley and onions, I can’t think of anything more delicious.
Except for French fries and mussels and Italian white wine to go with of course.

Anyway, I cut the mushrooms and then, before throwing them in my frying pan I noticed the structure of these sliced fungi. “Interesting,” I though while pouring myself a glass of white wine.

After a hard day’s work I felt rather lazy so I didn’t feel like setting up lights and so on, so I took the most interesting slice and used my HP Scanjet 4050G as an imaging device.
Just scanned the fungi turned it around and scanned it again.

I went back to the kitchen, threw some chopped onion in the frying pan, waited the necessary time before adding the mushrooms with a little pepper and.
Grilled a few slices of bread and added the mushrooms. It was a great meal and I hade made some images too by simply keeping my eyes open.



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