Saturday, January 12th – Confrontation

Princess dropped by at eleven a.m. and we talked and cuddled and made plans for the evening. We where going to play and the simple perspective of doing so made us drool in anticipation.

An hour later her youngest daughter arrived and they both left to fetch Princess’ eldest daughter and The Baby.

The sun was shining yet it was freezing cold but I decided to take a walk anyway and try out my new lens, a Lumix Pancake 20mm f1,7 I had bought second-hand the day before. It looks sexy on my Olympus E-PM1 and the image quality this lens delivers is awesome.

I arrived at Princess’ place at 7 p.m. where I would pick her up, together with her eldest daughter and The Baby. I would drive mother and daughter to the support Centre where they are staying and after that Princess and I would have all the time of the world at my place.
Sounds like a piece of a cake, no? 
Well, it wasn’t.

When I arrived her eldest daughter wasn’t ready at all and I know how she is so it didn’t come as a total surprise. There I was standing in the hallway, outside it was still freezing cold and in the living a bunch of kids who don’t want me in their lives or in their home.

”She isn’t ready,” Princess told me, rolling her eyes. “Come in and let’s have coffee in the kitchen.”

Heard the low voice of her son saying something I couldn’t understand very well, I have some hearing problems but I understood I wasn’t welcome at all and he told his mother that
a) She and I could go outside and sit in my car and wait. He would bring HER coffee though.
b) She and I could go to a nearby café and have a coffee there.

Then the voice of her eldest daughter, something like, fuck, nice for him, for you to make him feel so unwelcome. 
Another daughter yelled she didn’t want me to come in; it would be the end of the family bond.

I told Princess I had no problem waiting outside in my car, it wasn’t worth a quarrel with her kids.

“Franco and I are having a cup of coffee in my kitchen and if you have a problem with that, just take a hike,” she told her kids.
I didn’t have a choice anymore, Princess had stuck her neck out for me and the confrontation with her kids was already long due so I tagged along.

We went to the kitchen, Princess made coffee and we sat down at the table and one of her daughters came in and screamed and she didn’t look at me one single moment, like I wasn’t there at all. Then she disappeared, came back, shouting that her mother had no respect for her children. 

Her youngest daughter appeared twice in the kitchen too, avoiding eye contact with everybody. Once because she couldn’t find her book, the second time to get tea for her eldest sister. She acted as everything was normal, it was surrealistic and funny at the same time and very intelligent as she has no problem with me yet she didn’t want to offend her siblings.

Her son came in the kitchen, neglecting me completely, asking his mother if she was happy now she had brought me inside the house. He felt as if his personal space was violated, he was sure his sisters would leave and go and live on their own because of this. It all sounded very dramatically yet I did understand some of his feelings.

I listened, didn’t say a word, observing her son, his attitude, his choice of words, reading his face while he spitted out words my mother for sure would have slapped me for.

Hell, I was in Princess’ kitchen, a huge step for her to confront her kids with me, I had to walk on eggs. Listening to her son’s feelings gave me the impression he is some kind of unguided missile, sometimes contradicting himself, lost in emotions and frustration.
He couldn’t understand why she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring anymore or why she wanted a man in her life. For him his father was still around and very present in the house.

You have a family, you have us, why do you need him was something I picked up several times. You never make time for us; you are different since you know him and you talk differently.
You this and you that, sentences spoken out in anger, out of fear and frustration.

Finally we engaged in some kind of conversation and he told me this was his space, his home, that he hadn’t anywhere else to go, why wasn’t I happy with the fact they let their mom stay at my place. He felt sorry he wasn’t bigger and stronger so he could oppose me better. 
He gave me no opening so I listened and answered calm and with respect.

It was time for us to go and I said see you later to him and he answered he hoped he would never ever see me again. I told him his wish was totally unrealistic and said “I’ll be back.”
I know now Princess and I have a very long road in front of us before we even can start thinking living together and the thought made me sad.

We dropped her eldest daughter and The Baby at the care Centre and it was pleasant and we stayed a little while and helped her unpack.
Showed her the laptop I had prepared for her so she could transfer all the images she takes of her cute little baby. It’s an older laptop I’m glad to lend her

Finally we arrived at my place. I opened a bottle of wine and prepared black and green olives and dried tomatoes and we sat down on the coach and reviewed the discussion with her son not at all in the mood for playing.

Half an hour later we started kissing and I grabbed her ass, pinching and scratching and she moaned.
Took her by the hair and led her to the back of my sofa for her to lean on, undid her from her skirt and undies.
“Please Milord, make it hard,” she begged. “I need it. I want You to hurt me.”

I whipped Princess and did it all over again with a bamboo stick. Used the flogger on her shoulder blades. Now and then I slid my hand between her legs and felt how she became wetter and wetter, opening up for me.

Grabbing Princess by the hips I took her and gave her a rough one.
Her breathing got very intense and she started to make all sort of noises before screaming and falling on her knees.

I was touched when I saw the expression on her pretty face, happy and tears shining in her eyes and I led her to the sofa and we lied down and I held Princess in my arms, stroking her skin ever so softly.

”Thank you, Milord,” she whispered and kissed my lips.

After a while I started playing with her nipples, my knee between her legs and I felt her moving very slowly.
I pinched, bit, sucked and licked her nipples, in between stroking her back and sides and it didn’t talk long for her to come again and I felt happy just being able to hold her in my arms, feeling her heartbeat, her warm breath as a tender breeze against my skin.

We went to bed and soon fell asleep.

I wish I could hold her every night in my arms, waking up next to her.

How wonderful would it be to start and end every single day with Princess in my arms?


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