Sunday, January 6, 2013.

After two weekends and a whole week in between I finally was alone again.
Okay, I admit, when I dropped Little A. early in the evening at her mother I felt very sad.
No Little A. to welcome me at home after a hard day at work, just a cold and dark apartment waiting for me every single evening. For the next two weeks.

She sensed I was on the verge of crying so Little A. put on her glasses she had gotten earlier that day, with flashing led lights in the frame.
It was funny and finally I ended up with tears of laughter instead of sadness.

I drove back home, took a shower and fetched Princess.

It had been a hectic day for her too and we finally had to make a run to be in time for the annual fireworks. Not that we would have missed something substantial. It was okay but not really breathtaking, your usual uninspired firework, a zillion tax euro’s exploding in LSD-like colors against a dark sky.

I had my hand on her behind and I felt she wasn’t wearing undies. Good girl I thought, you know what I want, what I desire.

We walked back to my place, I opened a bottle of Cava and we sat on the couch and we toasted like we always do, on love, on us.

Princess exchanged some text messages with her youngest daughter while I lit the candles and looked for an appropriate playlist on my computer.

“I want it, I need it,” Princess sighed, “it has been so long, please Milord, hurt me.”
Gently I collared her, then grabbed Princess by her hair and pulled her on the floor in a kneeling position.

I unzipped and offered Princess my erection.
Princess loves serving me this way. On her knees, her hands on my hips, my hand in her hair, moving her head in a way I get the most satisfaction of her mouth.

After a while I directed her to the back of my sofa, cuffed her and made her bend over, her arms on the backrest. Positioned her, kicking with my feet against her ankles until her legs where spread enough and her ass was at the good height.

Pulled her T-shirt up and unhooked her bra and lifted her skirt over her hips.
Her ass, her legs in silk stockings, so delicious, I love every inch of Princess’ body.

I caressed her buttocks and hit Princess’ shoulders with the flogger. Then her ass and I enjoyed watching Princess shiver in delight.

“More please, Milord,” she whispered.

Swapped the flogger for a real horse whip and after a few moments I slid my hand between her legs. Princess was wet and I felt her labia open under my touch. She wanted me, badly.

Entered her, my hands on her hips, pushing my nails in her skin, banging her like a madman.

Slid out, played some more with my whip and then moved on to the bamboo stick.
Hell, she sobbed, she sulked, she screamed while I drew red scars on her skin. Then I entered again, violently, fucking her as if I just came out of jail after 20 or so years in solitary confinement.

Saw some spots that weren’t red so I had to make some adjustments with a wooden spatula.

Slid out several times to add some red to her ass and attached the butterfly clamps on her labia while Princess made little sounds, happy, enjoying the pain, the intensity of our lovemaking while I dripped hot candle juice on her back adding an extra.

Finally I took her in the ass, Princess was so open for me it was an easy entry.
Felt how she came; just the idea me sodomizing her was enough to push her over the edge.

Princess fell on the floor, her legs rubber. Took her in my arms and laid her on my sofa. I took off the cuffs, the blindfold and the collar and held her in my arms, gently stroking her with the tip of my fingers.

Princess produced goose bumps, so intense, while I touched her skin gently with a piece of fur.

“Omg,” she said, my Princess, “I have missed this so much. I feel my body, I feel my skin burn, I feel so much alive. So loved by you.”

Unfortunately her youngest daughter got sicker and sicker, texting in despair so I told Princess that she should go back home, we have all the time, her kid needed her.

Princess texted back, I’ll be there in one hour.
Held Princess in my arms, told her she was everything, that I wanted her to be my wife, I wanted to grow old with her.

It was intense this exchange of feelings and words and Princess told me the things I did was sheer torture, her skin so sensitive and when I touch her she dies the little death.

Then it was time and I drove her home and we said goodbye and I drove home and I was alone.

We both felt bad though, how this evening ended as we both wanted to unwind but weren’t able to.

One day, somewhere in the future I won’t be anymore.  Princess will be at my side, every morning, every evening, every night.

I will be happy and complete every single second, every single day for the rest of my life.

With Princess.



Now is the spring
Of our life together.
So fresh, filled with promises,
Sparkling as morning dew.

I want to travel
Across summer with you,
Warm and trustful,
You and me
Dancing trough life.

Further towards autumn,
Enjoying each other’s company,
Telling stories to one another
Of the days that lay behind us.

Then the winter
With you in my arms.
Thankful for the time
That was given us
To spend together.
You and Me.