Dead crab

The Opal Coast in France has been for a long time a place where I could feel my inspiration flow.

One early morning, when I walked on the beach near Cap Blanc Nez, feeling so at home, I found these remains on a further pristine beach.

When I held what I decided to be my last exposition, the curator asked me for a list, the titles that I had given my work.

I told her I couldn’t, as I had no titles and didn’t want Untitled I, II and so on neither.
“Why?” she asked with her soft and sexy voice.
“A title or description manipulates ones vision. I want people to see my work and their fantasies and imagination should to the rest. Let them travel.”
“Wow,” she answered looking at me with “come to bed with me” eyes.
I didn’t as I was with Princess and this chick was already so pregnant.
I had nothing to add to her story.


A long exposure shot

A very long exposure shot, yet not long enough to make the sky blurry, made near Boulogne-Sur-Mer at the Opal Coast in France.

Then, a few years ago, I waited and smoked till the shutter said click and I knew the image was made.

Now I wait and type words on my tablet as I have finally quit smoking.
I was motivated by the supplications of Little A.
“Please stop old fart, before it is too late.”

Strangely enough I didn’t smoke when I was with Princess, even not when we spent weekends together. I didn’t feel the need to smoke.

I stopped on August 20th. 2012.
The first week was hell.
The second one was a little less hellish.
After one month I had forgotten I used to smoke yet my body hadn’t.

Today I can’t imagine I used to smoke.

Long exposure