Yesterday in the late evening I went for a walk and I had my Olympus with me.
In a few days, on Saturday to be exact, it is Princess’ her birthday.
Hell, I needed some inspiration.

Then I saw an awesome dress in the window of a trendy clothing store.

It is a very big store with lots of windows and I walked around the corner and then I saw IT.
And I knew IT would be gorgeous on Princess.

I took Princess to the store this morning and showed her the dress.

She looked fabulous in the red dress, red suits her very well, and it fitted her as a second skin, underlining the prefect curves of her body.
 Unfortunately it wasn’t an outfit she could wear for work and we don’t go out that often for her to put it on.

Then I asked the shop lady to show me IT and she smiled and she told me she hoped IT would fit because IT was the last one.

‘Wow’, Princess said when IT was brought and I helped Princess in IT and IT fitted like a glove and fuck, she looked awesome in IT.
This amazing red coat.

She looked not only stunning in IT, as a real Princess, but also a vulnerable beauty and I felt how my eyes became wet. Sheer beauty moves me so much.
Princess touches me almost every time we are together.

My partner.
My love.


Eleven Days to Zero

My grandparents owned a television and we didn’t. My father wanted us to talk, to interact, to read and not to be a slave of what others thought we should see.

Almost every weekend and the bigger part of the school holidays I stayed with my grandparents and by extension their television.

I remember it seemed to take forever before an image appeared and there where only 2 channels.

The year was 1965 and I was 6 and television was still a rarity.

A few days ago, while surfing the Net, I remembered a show on TV that I loved and hated at the same time. The monsters of the deep, the sound of the sonar, the fear I had when the sub was not able to surface because of X-number of factors.

It has been almost half a century ago when I, Franco, a little boy, screamed with fear when this giant octopus entered the scene or a devastating earthquake made the crew of the Seaview shit their pants.

Yesterday I saw the first episode of “Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea” again and I was thrown back 45 years in time.

Overacting, obvious special effects but hell, I was once again a kid and I loved every second. No explosions, car chases and other high-tech CGI effects but pure and honest storytelling and fear created by sound and the way people speak, so simple yet very effective with drama and the cold war so very present as the fear for a global nuclear war.

45+ years ago I was a kid and I had loving grandparents and I had my father and my mother and I thought everything would last forever.

Boy was I wrong!
I lost them all, Nana, Baba, Daddy, Mommy in the space of 10 years.

And later I started my own family and I fucked it up and got divorced.

Then I met Princess and everything made sense once again.

I want to finish my life with Princess.

A few words

I’m writing.

Outside darkness still reigns and snowflakes are falling on a frozen world, covering it up under a pristine white cloth.

Sitting at my desk, sipping my hot coffee, I miss you.
Yes, that is what I am really doing.
Missing you, Princess.

I want to give you not only my days but my also all my nights.
And my soul of course and while I softly whisper ‘I love you’ I give to you, Princess, my heart.

What was it again I wanted to write about?
Oh yes, I remember now.
It is about missing you so much, Princess.

Tied together

I am

not abducted by Aliens and I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

Yes, I have had very little time to write this past week and for the next few days I have Little A. with me and as always I want to give her as much Q-time as possible.

I’ll try do to some writing in between, maybe during my lunch break or so.

Last Sunday Princess and I took a free lesson Salsa and we ended up signing up.

Yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, Little A. and I went for a walk in the woods. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and it was freezing cold and the snow creaking under our shoes. We had tons of fun and at the same time it was a very intense daughter/father moment.

I took this image, with my Olympus E-PM1 and 20mm f1.7, from a rabbit’s trail and in it I see a face of a baby seal.

Have a great day!


I love Him by Princess

Gently He
Blindfolds me.
And I,
I give
To Him,
I am His.

The earth
Slips from under
My feet
When He touches me.
I surrender
To His will.

My body trembles
I feel every fiber scream.
The adrenaline seething
Through my veins.
Feeling Him,
Tasting Him,
His scent.
He is
My God’s gift.

Take me, Milord,
I just want You.
I am Yours.


“Where are we now?”

“Where are we now?”

Beautiful words and Bowie’s voice is such an overwhelming combination and the video clip is just awesome.
The song is the lead single from Bowie’s new album, “The Next Day,” which comes out in March.
I can’t wait.

I am feeling quite emotional at this moment. The song, maybe, but even more I am touched by Princess’ poem she wrote for this blog and that I am now translating. Thinking about a matching picture at the same time too.

Princess’ ode to our love is simply beautiful and I can’t read it without being moved.

I will post it tomorrow, Sunday, January 20th.