Another year is ending

Days are just days and they have names like Monday, Tuesday and so on.
Yet some days have a more symbolic meaning, like Christmas Eve or Old Years Eve.

So here I am while the last hours of 2012 are ticking away and 2013 is anxiously waiting, ready to make its big entry.

This evening I will spend with Little A., my youngest daughter. Big A. is spending the evening with some friends.
Unfortunately not with her boyfriend and I will not be at Princess’s side either.

For some special reason one seems to feel more lonely during these “special’ days. I can confirm this as I myself have been struggling with feelings of solitude.

I am happy so say that 2012 has brought mostly good things for my daughters and me. The best thing this past year brought me is Princess and she will be the one that will travel with me along with me until our path ends for one of us.
The people whom I cherish have been spared from illness or grief to. Great.

Sadly this hasn’t been the case for everybody.
The list is long with mass killings, horrible accidents, natural disasters and all kinds of war.
We are so fortunate yet we often forget. It is so easy to complain and it seems so much harder to be happy with the small things life tends to offer us.

My dear followers and readers and those occasional visitors, Princess and I wish you all a wonderful and happy New Year.

Let 2013 be full of love and happiness and so much good things for you all.


5 thoughts on “Another year is ending”

  1. Let the good times that you enjoy to ‘roll over’ to 2013, wish you good health, loads of orgasms which again lead to good health for you! Treasure the times with Little A, because when she is older, she will have lesser time for you. This is the time for better mutual understanding and the time is now!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, it goes by so rapidly as it did with Big A. One day they stop being a kid. I’m enjoying every second with Little A.
      Take care.

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