The carrot

A carrot’s tale

Princess had brought it up, last Wednesday, being fucked with a carrot

During this discussion she thought a cucumber wasn’t something she could take. Yet I’m sure I could fist-fuck her if I really wanted to. Maybe I just should and not ask Princess’ permission. Hasn’t she stated on numerous occasions her body was mine to use for my pleasure, solely for MY pleasure?

The carrot idea didn’t leave my mind and when Little A. and I went shopping for groceries this weekend I bought two.

“Two carrots?” she asked.
“Yes, Little A.”
“I don’t like carrots,” she told me.
“Please shut the fuck up and let your old man buy whatever he wants. Okay?”
She nodded and told me she wanted us to go to the library store next.
There was a new comic she wanted.
I got the picture.
“Yes,” I said and rolled my eyes.

Later that day there where pancakes and 60 birth announcement cards printed and cut waiting for Princess.
Cava too.

When we finally turned in I told Princess, she was already lying in bed, yearning for my presence, I wanted to get some more Cava from the fridge.
In the kitchen I cleaned one of the carrots.
It was long and big and huge, a prefect second dick for Princess.

After foreplay, the usual stuff like kissing, cuddling, sadly no whipping though as Little A. was sleeping in the room next to us, I blindfolded Princess.

Played with the carrot, letting her suck it, watching her tongue caressing the tip, letting her deep throating the whole thing.
Princess holds a master degree cum (no pun intended) laude, in giving head. Trust me, I know.

I wanted to mindfuck myself and ordered Princess in a 69 position.
Penetrated her with the carrot trying to move as if somebody anonymous was really fucking her. Trying to imagine the carrot as a dick fucking my loved one and it was very arousing.
I licked her, rubbed her swollen clit.
It didn’t take long before Princess came.

Held her in my arms and made her blow the carrot. Took it in my mouth too, playing as if we were sucking dick together. It made her horrible hot and wet and when I touched her between her legs she came once again.

I took a bite, she took a bite as if to tell each other we didn’t want an extra dick nor cunt in our play.

I’m trying to sexually liberate Princess completely. Physically I have already succeeded yet I want her to use her fantasies, to be liberated in her imaginations too.

That is the reason I want her to tell me erotic stories while I masturbate.
Learning on is giving a sample.
“Let me tell you a story,” I told her.
“Yes please, Milord,” and she cuddled up next to me, my leg between hers so she could ride me.

I told a story about a woman tied up in Japanese Bondage and then hung up on a tree branch, turned around from man to man. Being gangbanged against her will.
Raped. Violated.
Her Master, her Owner, grinning.
Described the sperm dripping out of her pussy.
Princess moaned, riding my leg. She is hooked on orgasms and I give them to Princess in abundance.
I masturbated.

Then I told another story.
Princess, bound to a table, watching me masturbate while I watched her body move up and down while four or five men fuck her from behind.

I finally came and Princess got it all.
Swallowed it, getting every drop.
Princess is domesticated and knows what her Milord wants. Desires.
Princess is a good girl.

And Princess smiled and kissed me and I tasted my semen on her breath and it was hot and we are a perfect pair, Princess and I.

We fell asleep.
We slept well and deep and we enjoyed waking up next to another.

We talked for a while.
I told her a new story in which we both were invited to witness a gang bang.
A woman tied up, ass high, head in a box.

While I was looking in her eyes I felt her fingers going berserk between her legs.

Princess came once again and I felt her warm juices against my leg and, hell, I’m such a happy man with her in my life. She is a sex machine I craved for all my life.
I cherish Princess.
I want to grow old with her.
Princess is the one designed for me, for my needs.

Princess and orgasms, I fear she is addicted to it by now and maybe I should stop serving her.

We talked some more, it was important to do so.
We wanted to emphasise that we didn’t want nor desire a third person, man or woman, in our love life.
It are just fantasies, mind fucking stories and it should stay that way.

I could not stand seeing Princess touched or fucked by another man.
I could not stand being touched by another woman. Nor fuck another woman. I have no desire to do so.
My body belongs for a 100% to Princess.

Then her iPhone started to buzz, it was 10 am or so, this Sunday morning, December 30th, her kids had run out of patience and they needed her attention, understandably of course.

It was time for her to leave my place and go home.

I kissed Princess with tears in my eyes.
“See you next year,” I mumbled and my heart broke.

There will be no new years eve together this year, no kissing and no looking in each other’s eyes and feeling happy and lucky and wish and dream.

Maybe in 2014.
If I’m still around.


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