Saturday, December 29th.
Princess came by and we looked at photographs I had made of The Baby, N., and photographs her daughter had made.
I opted for an image B., one of her daughters had made.
Princess phoned to the mother as the final name wasn’t sure yet. She asked me to mail the design to her two daughters. More phone calls and then finally the last piece was added to the puzzle.
The layout of the card was approved, I had green light to start the production of 60 cards.

I’ll come over later and help you, Princess said, kissing me and then she was gone.

I have 40 sheets of Steinbach drawing paper each measuring 270mm x 360mm so I could print 3 card on one page with my Canon Pixma Pro 9500 Mark II.

Made some test prints so I could get the b&w picture of N. right and then I started printing.

It took the bigger part of the afternoon printing and cutting the cards by hand.

When Princess arrived later that evening the work was almost finished.
“Need some help?” she asked.
“No sweetheart, not for this, maybe later on because there are other things I need you help for.”
She smiled and turned to Little A.
“Let’s bake pancakes,” she said.
“Yessssssss,” little A. replied with a big smile.

When they finished making the pancakes I had finished to, the printer spit out the last sheet. I used my cutter. One cut to hurt the paper so I was able to fold the 250gr per square meter paper and 6 real cuts, I could do it all in less than a minute.

The pancakes where delicious and I had one, Princess had created a heart-shaped one.

I enjoyed the fact Princess and Little A. had a connection, wish I could have this with her kids to.

Later on that evening Princess yawned, she was tired.
We went to bed.
Our battlefield.


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