My Canon G10

I bought it for myself as a Christmas present in 2009 as I didn’t like to walk around all time with my Nikon D300 or D2H and a bag of glass and flashes and so on.

Over the past years it has been a worthy companion, always at my side, a trustworthy friend.
It has never ever failed and as it was always with me I was able to make shots I would have missed otherwise.
The Canon was with me on numerous occasions that were important in my life, it is an emotional loss too.

The G10 accompanied me every day, safely tucked away in my leather Arthur & Ashton briefcase.

I hadn’t used it for a week or two but yesterday I wanted the G10 at my side. Just in case my Nikon flawed.
Plan B.

I wanted to use it to make some candid images of The Baby.

Fuck. When I took it out of my briefcase I immediately saw there was something wrong. The LCD screen on the back was shattered and, worse, when I turned the camera on it made a horrible sound.
A warning flashed on the back screen (it still was in working order) telling me an internal error with the lens had occurred.

My G10 is officially dead and having it repaired is not an option.
As it always is the case with electronics, when it dies, you replace it.

“Yes Little A.?”
“I’m sorry for you, but please do not throw the camera away.”
“Why?” I asked.
“It is a souvenir. Remember our week in France a few months ago? How much pleasure we had with the camera.”
Indeed we had.
I had the camera with me during my second weekend with Princess.
The G10 was with me on numerous occasions and it seemed it would be like that forever.

I am truly sad and that is why I choose this image made in the Antwerp metro.


And I know it is stupid to mourn for something that so easily can be replaced.


Solitude? Sadness?

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