Thoughts – December 26, 2012

Xmas Evening.
Like every year I ‘m home alone but one get’s used to it.
My daughters spend the evening with their mom and Princess with her family. We did text though and around midnight Princess phoned me as little A. did.
I did write a lot, had a couple of beers and watched the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”.

Little A. arrived in the early afternoon at my place. We exchanged gifts, she we extremely happy with what I had gotten her.

The bigger part of the afternoon she spend in front of my iMac playing the new add-on pack for The Sims 3. Then she had to leave.

Later that evening Princess arrived and wow did she look stunning in her sexy dress drawing all attention to her delicious cleavage.
She smiled and wished me a happy Christmas.
“I never ever go out like this,” she told me, “this is just for you. An appetizer.”
“Love it,” I told her.

Princess arranged her gifts under my small Christmas tree.
“Big A. hasn’t been here yet?” she noticed.
“Not yet my love but I guess…”
Then the doorbell rang announcing Big A. and M. her boyfriend.

I gave Big A. her gifts and I found it funny seeing M. trying very hard not to look at Princess’ delicacies.

After they were gone we enjoyed the cheese platter and delicious red wine Princess had brought with her.

Princess pampered me with gifts that made me very happy. There is one gift though I like to mention, just to make things clear, certainly for you who read my post about “It started with a quarrel”.
Princess and kids spend Xmas Eve with the parents of her kid’s father and they were sad I could not be there but they understood the issues their grandchildren have with a new partner in their mother’s life.
There was a present for us both though, a voucher for a Wellness Weekend.
I promised myself I would never ever bring up this not being accepted shit up again.
Time heals everything; I just have to be patient.

We talked about a thousand things, Princess and I, smiling at each other and feeling so happy being together. Having each other to trust, to cherish, to love and to rely on.

Trust me on this, I have had my part of relationships but with Princess I finally found what I was looking for all my life.

She is the one. No doubt about that.
Finally it was bedtime.

Princess blew out the candles while I showered and she took the wine glasses to our bedroom. Made up the bed, lit some candles and waited for me.

I made sure her iPhone was on the night table with the sound volume at 100%. Her pregnant daughter is way over time.


My Xmas Tree
My Xmas Tree

One thought on “Thoughts – December 26, 2012”

  1. I like your Christmas tree and I like how well your evening is turning out for you and your Princess. 🙂

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