The Final Cut

On December 1st, 2006 I left home for work.
That same day, in the evening, I came back and entered my new home.
I had left my wife and my two daughters with approval from a magistrate of the justice of the peace. Forgive me; I’m not sure this is the correct word.

Although I agreed with everything and we didn’t have any property my Ex made it a messy divorce and we both lost thousands of Euros to lawyers for nothing.

January 2007.
I receive an official letter declaring I’m now officially divorced. It didn’t make me happy nor did it make me sad.
It was time to move on.

1. I do not want to fuck around.
2. I am looking for something serious.
3. I do not want more kids as I am happy with my two daughters and I don’t want do create difficult family relations for them. A divorce is already bad enough.

I made an appointment with my family doctor and explained what I wanted.
He took his time, listened to my arguments and asked me al sort of questions. Interesting ones.
Well, I didn’t want more kids and I didn’t want a new partner taking the pill if I could help it. Why can’t a man take his responsibility in birth control?
The good doctor nodded and fired his final question asking me how I would feel knowing I was not futile anymore. Sterile.
I laughed.
Told him I had two wonderful daughters. That I am a hedonist seeking pleasure, not minding of what I ejaculate is unfruitful or not. Pleasure counts now.
He wrote me a prescription for a specialist.
I made an appointment and saw him a few weeks later.
He asked me the same questions my physician had and I satisfied him.
“Okay,” he told me. “I’ll see you in two weeks. Think it over. If you are still sure we will proceed.”

One morning, one month later, I parked my car at the hospital and checked in.
I got my vasectomy and in the late afternoon of that same day I checked out, got in my car and drove back home.
The nurses voice still echoed in my head.
“No sex for at least two weeks, Sir.”
I nodded and tried to look desperate and sighed “No????”
“No Sir. I’m sorry.”

No sweat, I was alone, there was nobody to fuck anyway.

Good thing though I still felt 100% a man.
A potent Dom.

Final Cut
Final Cut

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