New life

We finally went to bed, Princess and I.
It was still December 25th, 23:47.

Slowly I peeled all that sexy clothing of her body, my personal Xmas present.

We mixed pleasure with pain and I made Princess cum and held her in my arms, caressing her. Aftercare is so important, so very intimate.

Fucked her thoroughly the way she loves it.
Fucked her hard, pulling her hair and choking her and painfully pinching her buttocks and nipples.

Think I switched off the light at 02:00.

A text at 05:03 woke us up but it was false alarm. Just one of her daughters with stomach pain asking what she could do about it.
“Did you sleep well?” I asked Princess after she had texted back.
“No, not really, I’m feeling nervous.”
Her hand caressed my jaw and I instantly became hard.
“Can I be of some help?” I asked.
I could almost feel her smile in the darkness of our bedroom.
Once again I made her cum and we kissed and fell asleep.

We woke up at 10:00.
Enjoyed the moment, the tender kisses and the love one feels when one opens his/her eyes and sees the beloved one.
Princess was giving me head when her iPhone started ringing.
“Sorry, I can’t talk now.”
“No, I’m busy.”
“Okay, call you back in 15 minutes.”

“?” I asked.
“My eldest one,” Princess told me.
“They are going to force the delivery.”

“You should be on you way then,” I told her.
I helped her pack.

When she drove away a cloud pregnant with melancholy filled my heart. It hasn’t left me. I feel so emotional and I don’t know why and yet maybe I do.

Princess is going to help her daughter, a single mom, deliver.
It will be her first grandchild and in some way I feel like I’m going to be a grandfather as I feel connected with her daughter.

I’m so happy for her, for them.
New life.
New love.

And I’m a part of it all.
Lucky me.


It had been raining most part of the day and my daughters were mad with me.
“Fuck you old man, why Brittany and not Cuba, Miami, Costa del Sol?”
I shrugged not wanting to enter an endless discussion. I can only spend what I have.

Months later they would both admit they had really enjoyed our time together.

I managed to make a shot of this sailboat.
It felt like the last man on earth. Something tiny, so vulnerable.


The Final Cut

On December 1st, 2006 I left home for work.
That same day, in the evening, I came back and entered my new home.
I had left my wife and my two daughters with approval from a magistrate of the justice of the peace. Forgive me; I’m not sure this is the correct word.

Although I agreed with everything and we didn’t have any property my Ex made it a messy divorce and we both lost thousands of Euros to lawyers for nothing.

January 2007.
I receive an official letter declaring I’m now officially divorced. It didn’t make me happy nor did it make me sad.
It was time to move on.

1. I do not want to fuck around.
2. I am looking for something serious.
3. I do not want more kids as I am happy with my two daughters and I don’t want do create difficult family relations for them. A divorce is already bad enough.

I made an appointment with my family doctor and explained what I wanted.
He took his time, listened to my arguments and asked me al sort of questions. Interesting ones.
Well, I didn’t want more kids and I didn’t want a new partner taking the pill if I could help it. Why can’t a man take his responsibility in birth control?
The good doctor nodded and fired his final question asking me how I would feel knowing I was not futile anymore. Sterile.
I laughed.
Told him I had two wonderful daughters. That I am a hedonist seeking pleasure, not minding of what I ejaculate is unfruitful or not. Pleasure counts now.
He wrote me a prescription for a specialist.
I made an appointment and saw him a few weeks later.
He asked me the same questions my physician had and I satisfied him.
“Okay,” he told me. “I’ll see you in two weeks. Think it over. If you are still sure we will proceed.”

One morning, one month later, I parked my car at the hospital and checked in.
I got my vasectomy and in the late afternoon of that same day I checked out, got in my car and drove back home.
The nurses voice still echoed in my head.
“No sex for at least two weeks, Sir.”
I nodded and tried to look desperate and sighed “No????”
“No Sir. I’m sorry.”

No sweat, I was alone, there was nobody to fuck anyway.

Good thing though I still felt 100% a man.
A potent Dom.

Final Cut
Final Cut

Thoughts – December 26, 2012

Xmas Evening.
Like every year I ‘m home alone but one get’s used to it.
My daughters spend the evening with their mom and Princess with her family. We did text though and around midnight Princess phoned me as little A. did.
I did write a lot, had a couple of beers and watched the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”.

Little A. arrived in the early afternoon at my place. We exchanged gifts, she we extremely happy with what I had gotten her.

The bigger part of the afternoon she spend in front of my iMac playing the new add-on pack for The Sims 3. Then she had to leave.

Later that evening Princess arrived and wow did she look stunning in her sexy dress drawing all attention to her delicious cleavage.
She smiled and wished me a happy Christmas.
“I never ever go out like this,” she told me, “this is just for you. An appetizer.”
“Love it,” I told her.

Princess arranged her gifts under my small Christmas tree.
“Big A. hasn’t been here yet?” she noticed.
“Not yet my love but I guess…”
Then the doorbell rang announcing Big A. and M. her boyfriend.

I gave Big A. her gifts and I found it funny seeing M. trying very hard not to look at Princess’ delicacies.

After they were gone we enjoyed the cheese platter and delicious red wine Princess had brought with her.

Princess pampered me with gifts that made me very happy. There is one gift though I like to mention, just to make things clear, certainly for you who read my post about “It started with a quarrel”.
Princess and kids spend Xmas Eve with the parents of her kid’s father and they were sad I could not be there but they understood the issues their grandchildren have with a new partner in their mother’s life.
There was a present for us both though, a voucher for a Wellness Weekend.
I promised myself I would never ever bring up this not being accepted shit up again.
Time heals everything; I just have to be patient.

We talked about a thousand things, Princess and I, smiling at each other and feeling so happy being together. Having each other to trust, to cherish, to love and to rely on.

Trust me on this, I have had my part of relationships but with Princess I finally found what I was looking for all my life.

She is the one. No doubt about that.
Finally it was bedtime.

Princess blew out the candles while I showered and she took the wine glasses to our bedroom. Made up the bed, lit some candles and waited for me.

I made sure her iPhone was on the night table with the sound volume at 100%. Her pregnant daughter is way over time.


My Xmas Tree
My Xmas Tree