These poles rise from the water when it is very low tide. I have no idea for what they are used for but they are covered with mussels.

I shot this one later afternoon with my D300 on a tripod and a 24-120 mm VR lens equipped with a combination of several neutral density grey filters adding about 12 stops so I could use a 20″ second exposure making the water somewhat misty.

Contrast was increased using curves and I desaturated slightly the colors.Then I added a few backgrounds and merged them with this photograph.

Location: Tardinghen Beach, Opal Coast, France.


Finger fucking

“What now?” I asked. “Care for a drink outside? A walk? A movie?”
Princess closed her eyes in the way a kid does when it makes a wish.
“A bath, please.”

She only has a shower at her place.

We spend almost an hour and a half in bath, talking, sipping our Cava, touching each other ever so gently.

After that we went to bed.
We made love.
Then Princess looked at me, expectant, longing, turning on her stomach and pushing up her hips. We are adults so I do not have to punish her, yet there are some exceptions. Besides that, she asks me to whip her, to hurt her.

I got the message.
Used my hand. The flogger. The whip. The bamboo stick. Teasing her clit in between. Giving pain and pleasure. Not a 50/50 combination, either 70% pain as inflicting pain gives me a hard-on.
Turned her on her back and used the butterfly clamps on her labia. Gave her the chain that connects both clamps so she could pull and adjust the pressure.
Fucked her.
It didn’t take long for Princess to become extremely wet and then she squirted.
I sighed, thinking, fuck, one more trip to the launderette.

For a while I held Princess in my arms, my leg between her legs. After a while I felt how she moved her hips, riding my leg as a rutting doggy.

“Need some more?” I asked.
“Yes please Milord”, she begged.
I whipped her ever so gently.
Too gently really.
I didn’t want my anger and frustration of the day before get in the way. Hurting Princess is an act of love, not one of violence. I do not want to breach her trust.

After that we kissed, she mounted me, rode me, came and when I pinched her nipples she came again and then my hands started hitting her buttocks and, well, she came again. She is so easy but that’s only because I know which buttons to press and every time I discover new buttons.

“Let’s take five,” Princess pleaded.

“Tell me a story,” I asked.
We where close one to another.

Princess sighed as she isn’t ready to express her fantasies yet.
It is an assignment though. I want Princess to tell me erotic stories. I want her to express her deepest sexual reveries.
Not to make them happen but more as cement when we fuck. I love to tell stories, to push mental buttons. I want to fuck Princess physically and mentally.
Sometimes I have my hand on her face, pushing it aside, making her feel like she is being raped. On other occasions I enjoy her watching her womanhood while I penetrate her, knowing she is pulling the chain extending her labia, and it is painful but she controls it while I enjoy her body.
We are both sexual maniacs and we have found each other to enjoy.

It happened just like that and to my great surprise I didn’t oppose.

I commanded Princess to suck me. Not that I need to, she loves giving head.

Then it just happened.
Okay, give me a moment and let me take a deep breath.
I’ve had Princess in every way.
She has had me almost every way.
I’ve walked over this planet for a little more than half a century.
Princess was the first. Princess will be the last one.
She gave me head, o boy.
Then I felt one of her fingers searching.
I gave up; Princess had already given herself completely.
Yet I felt so uneasy. So reluctant, I have my issues too. But I wanted to give myself too.
What can I say? Finally I opened up and is was sheer heaven.
Told Princess she was the first to have me completely, adding I hoped she was the first and the last one. In every way
It was awesome.
I was finger fucked for the very first time of my life and I enjoyed it.
I want more.