Thoughts – December 21, 2012

It has been a quiet week and since a long time 5 days without any form of sex. Did I miss it? Of course but what I got in return was worth the abstention.

On Monday we visited her eldest daughter whom is very pregnant and should have delivered already. She will be a single mom. Hell, we don’t always meet the right people do we?

It was a very fine evening. We didn’t talk much, it was more important being there, showing her she isn’t alone, that she can count on her mother, her family.
We had a couple of laughs and I walked her around in a wheel chair. Not much was said yet we talked a lot. Words are not always necessary.

Tuesday in the early evening Princess went back to the hospital as the doctors wanted to start the delivery. Princess stayed there till Wednesday late afternoon until it was clear the medicaments didn’t work. No baby appeared, I wasn’t called to make a portrait of the newborn nor did I have to fire up Photoshop and my printer to produce n-birth cards.

Princess texted me late that evening telling me she had missed our Wednesday morning together. I had to.
Fuck, she hadn’t a clue how much I missed her but then again I’m sure it was reciprocal.

Yesterday evening, Thursday was very busy. Princess had two parent contacts at two different schools; I did to, yet we managed to spend 20′ together at my place. We talked a little, cuddled, kissed and held each other close.
Wow, it was so intense.

I want to grow old with Princess.
Princess makes me extremely happy.
Princess makes me complete.
She makes me be myself and thus I’m able to make her feel herself.
Longing to have her in front of my camera again.

Princess and I.