Thoughts – December 17, 2012

I simply want to share that I have once again enjoyed a wonderful and intense weekend.

Little A. stayed with me and we had lots of fun although she had to study for her school exams. Then Big A. visited me on Saturday, it was her 19th birthday. She didn’t stay very long preferring the company of her boyfriend and who can blame her for that?

And of course Princess stayed with me overnight on Saturday and I just drove her home after an incredible intense Sunday evening. The tenderness, the love, the passion, it was all there and we talked for a while about things that are important to both of us. Being able to talk and to listen to each other is so important.

I’m a happy man with my daughters but so fortunate having Princess in my life. And our relationship is still becoming stronger and deeper.

I’ve still 5 hours of sleep left before I have to leave for work.
Five hours I can use to dream about Princess.