Wednesday, 12.12.12

It has been a very pleasant day.

Since December 2010 I stopped working on Wednesdays and I never regretted it. Sure, I lost some income but due to collective agreements my retirement benefit stays as if I still work full-time. Yet every month I get also an intervention from unemployment services so my financial loss is rather limited.

The week is chopped in two perfect halves, I have one day less traffic stress and car usage and little A. likes to surprise me now and then by visiting me after school and have lunch with me.

Just before we met Princess applied for parental leave too, also on Wednesdays, only for a one-year period though.

At 8 am I got out of bed, took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed and went to the baker for some croissants.
Twenty minutes later I heard a soft knock on my door.
“Are you ready?” she asked after we kissed.
“Yes darling and look what I’ve got for us,” holding up the paper bag with our breakfast.
“Great,” Princess smiled.
We got in her car and she drove to the garage so they could change her tires with special winter ones.

They brought us coffee while we waited and we enjoyed our croissants. With Princess even the simplest daily things become wonderful moments.

I have an 27″ pimped up iMac, an iPod Classic, an iPad 1 and an iPhone 3gs and have been very happy with them.
Last month I got a new tablet and opted for the 7″ Nexus from Asus with Android 4.2 and Little A. was more than happy when I gave her my iPad.
Last week I got a new smartphone and chose the Acer S500 with, for the moment, Android 4.0. I love this device.

Princess and technology, it isn’t precisely a marriage made in heaven and she has other priorities. She has a very simple Nokia and it does what is has to do.

The better part of the waiting time in the garage was spend explaining Princess everything, well, almost everything, about my iPhone 3gs.
Quickly I browsed through the menu of her Nokia, copied her contacts on the SIM-card. Switched the device off, took the SIM out, inserted it in the iPhone and finally imported her contacts.
“There you go, darling,” I said and she said thank you and kissed me.

Her car was finally ready, Princess gave me the car keys and we drove back home.

I was helping her out of her coat when the doorbell rang. Twice, I kid you not, and it was the postal worker.

I showed her the contents of the package I just had received and she shivered.
“Omg, these must hurt,” she said when I showed her the butterfly clamps.
“Yep, they will, I’m pretty sure,” I told her. “And if I pull the chain, it will even hurt more, fit tighter.”

We sat down on the sofa and cuddled and kissed.
“How long do we have?” Princess asked.
” 50 minutes and then you’ll have to go.”
“I love deadlines. Set the alarm on that thing”
“It’s called a tablet.”
“Whatever. Set the alarm to go off in 40 minutes.”

Princess and I enjoyed a very rough 40 minutes and her buttocks were glowing and red when we finished.
“Once again it was delicious,” Princess told me.
I was holding her in my arms, stroking her hair, holding her close to me.
“You know, Milord, you have managed to sexually liberate me and I feel no inhibitions towards you and I can enjoy lovemaking in a way I have never experienced before.”
I didn’t know what to reply as I felt deeply moved.
We kissed some more, talked and then it was time for her to leave and fetch some of her kids from school.

When I closed the door behind me I already was missing Princess.
Little A. didn’t surprise me so I had lunch alone. Gnocchi with pesto.

Started to watch a Norwegian movie, “Thale” without being inspired by it.

It’s almost 21:00 now and I’m going to bed and read hoping I’ll sleep better than last night.

I’m going to miss these Wednesdays as her year parental leave is over.

Hell, I miss Princess so much.
I want to hold her in my arms, skin against skin.
Spooning all night.

Clover clamp
Butterfly clamp