Thoughts – December 11, 2012

I am not going to number these thoughts of mine, I’ll simple add the date of creation.

It is Tuesday and tomorrow the date will be 12.12.12 and it will be the last recurrent date during my life.
Believe me, it is also your last time.
Think about it.

Princess was at my place. We talked a little, we drank some Cava and then I took her to my bedroom and tied Princess to my bed lying on her stomach and I used the bamboo stick she had bought me.

3 Feet of bamboo, the effect on her buttocks depends on where I hold the stick. Holding it at the end, it is as a whip but when I hold it in the middle it is as rigid as a ruler.
She loved the feeling, I loved the sound the wood made on her soft flesh and yet I was holding back. In the end Princess told me she felt she could take a much harder beating and I was aware I wanted to give her that. I didn’t though.

We don’t live together and at her home, with her daughters, they don’t lock the bathroom door. I do not want to confront her kids with the scars I leave on their mom’s buttocks or back. I do not want Princess have to explain to them the unspeakable. So I hold back and fuck, I hate it, as I do want to leave traces on her skin. Princess thanks me for the pain but whispers “Milord, I wanted more, I could have taken much more pain.”

Yet, as her Dominant I must also be a responsible person so I do not want her kids to be troubled nor do I want Princess have to explain what can’t be explained nor understood by teenagers.

Boy do I love the aftercare; when things have been so intense, taking the time to wind down together, this physical affection, to talk over how things went. To be close and to tell Princess how great she has been and to kiss her ever so gently.

I want to mark you, Princess, with my whip and my soul and my love.

Forever, a tattoo, so you can trace it with your fingertips and think of me and feel me close.

You and I, Princess.

Princess cuffed
Princess cuffed