Assignment – The Sequel

“I’m going to a garden center tomorrow,” Princess told me on the phone.
It was Friday evening, when we don’t see each other, generally 4 evenings a week, we phone each other.
“Oh?” I asked, innocently. “Why?”
I heard her laugh.
“You know why,” she replied. “Your assignment turns me on, you really have no idea. I want to do this, I want to embrace the things you are giving me and you are really opening my world. It feels a little awkward though taking the D/s to the outside world.”
“Sure kiddo, keep calm, no one will see something else than a gorgeous chick buying some sticks to support her plants” I told her, more moved by her words than I wanted to admit to myself.
“Who are you talking to, old man?” little A. suddenly asked as curious as a 12-year old should be.
Little A. was spending the weekend with me; in fact she was already staying at my place since Tuesday evening.
“I’m talking to L.”
“Say hi for me.”
So I did and said, L. says hi back to you. Little A. smiled, she adores L.

“Love you Darling,” I said to L. “And I miss you.”
“Can’t wait till tomorrow. Longing so much for your arms, your kisses. Your love.”

It was almost nine in the evening, the next day, when Princess finally arrived.
I heard her open the door, went to greet her. Held her in my arms. Kissed her, then drowned in her eyes.
“Look,” she smiled.
In her hand she held two bamboo sticks, about 93 centimeters long (some 3 feet).
“Two, Princess?”
“Yep. Wasn’t sure if they would break easily. Boy did I enjoy this. One of my daughters insisted on coming with me. In the shop I couldn’t find these sticks so I had to ask. Then my daughter asked me why I needed them. Creepy. Fuck, this was one hell of an assignment but I’m so happy you made me do this. I feel much more your submissive knowing you make me do things for you outside of your control zone. When you are not there but so present in my thoughts. Then even you control me.”
Took the sticks in my hand. Showed her that holding one stick at the end gives a different blow than holding it in the middle. It’s all about dynamics.
Princess kissed me. Whispering thank you once more. Telling me she was sad I was not able to use the stick this evening. Remember, little A’s room is next to ours.
“We have to wait until tomorrow evening, darling.” I took the sticks and hid them in my bedroom.
Then we went to the living room.
Little A. was glad to see L.
L. was glad to see little A.

“Little A.?”
“Yes pops?”
“Do you mind if L. and I go out for a drink?”
“Nope. Have fun.”

“Before we leave I have to show you something,” I said to L. and took her to my bedroom.

To be continued.

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