Vibrating egg

I closed the door of my bedroom and took Princess in my arms. Kissed her, stroking her back.
“You remember what we talked about a week or so ago?”
“Oh no,” Princess said.
“Oh yes,” I replied.

I sat down on the bed and pulled Princess close to me, unbuckled her. She wore the jeans I had bought her that same morning.
Loved her sexy knickers and touched that spot between her thighs, spot yearning for me, for my fingers, my hand, my tongue, my penis.
It is my property, my playground. I own it.

Princess closed her eyes, sighed.
Laid her down on my bed, caressing her sweet spot and in my mouth I had The Egg so it could warm up and get lubed with my saliva.
Took off her panties.
Princess was so wet, so open and I could push The Egg in her without any effort.
Helped her in her jeans again.
Then we left.

It was cold outside and the pub we wanted to visit was crowded and there was so much noise we decided to follow plan B, the Cohibar were one can drink delicious cocktails surrounded by Salsa music and a (fake) Cuban atmosphere.

“Are you okay Princess?” I asked.
“Yes Milord, I am.”
“Did you feel it?”
“No, I didn’t, Milord.”
“Fuck,” I shouted.
“What?” she asked, worried by my tone of despair.
“I forgot to switch on The Egg,” I said.
I saw her smile. “I feel relieved, Milord as I know now you cannot play with me this evening.”

We remained silent for a while. The streets were deserted, it was cold, the night sky deep black with a zillion stars. Her hand was in mine, her love so real, so tangible.

I had my hand in my pocket and once again I asked Princess how she was feeling.

“So ha… O god…”
I had switched it on and off again and during a few seconds The Egg had vibrated deep in her vagina.

“You said…”
“Yes Princess, I know what I said. But you know who I am; you were anticipating the moments you thought I was going to let it vibrate. I told you a white lie so you would be off guard, thinking this evening The Egg would be a non-event. Rest assured, I have the remote and I’m master of whatever you are going to feel between your legs.”

We had a pleasant evening. Talked and enjoyed a few Sex On The Beach cocktails.

At one moment Princess went to the bathroom so I switched on the remote. Saw her walk away, then she turned around, indicating the trembling had stopped. Kept the remote activated when she came back. I could read her face. Nothing and then suddenly the vibrating in her cunt returned.

Hell, I made her suffer as she was having orgasms at my will in a public place and it happened only because I switched a button from off to on. And back and then back again, long, short.

When we came home we undressed, brushed our teeth, went to the loo and then to bed.
I kissed her, sucked her nipples and played with her clit and with the remote.

It is not so difficult to imagine that when the world finally ends, during Armageddon or so, we cherish what we love most. Princess deep-throated me as she had never done before. Sucking, licking and kissing my dick as if it was truly the end of the world and she wanted to enjoy in her last seconds what she loves the most.

Grabbed her by the hair, pulled her up next to me and kissed her violently turning her on her back.

Then I mounted Princess, The Egg was still in her and I had given her the remote to play with on her rhythm. I fucked her, drilled Princess. It felt strange, the trembling against my cock but it was an exciting experience.
Hell, I violated her as a savage, pulling her hair, my other hand on her throat, choking her.
Little A. was sleeping in the room next to ours so Princess bit in my fingers, in my arm, gave me hickeys, she so desperately wanted to scream, playing with the remote. I was fucking Princess and she was helping me doing it with some stupid electronic device.

Princess came, trembling, shaking, purring and moaning.
I kissed her lips, touched her clit gently with the tip of my tongue pulling out The Egg.
I then took Princess in my arms, switched out the lights and blew out the candles.
Kissed her goodnight.

I wept during the night, so happy to have Princess in my arms. So joyful to end the day with her and start a new one with her.

Waking up next to Princess, o my god, it still is the most unbelievable intense and beautiful moment of the day.

Vibrating Egg

Assignment – The Sequel

“I’m going to a garden center tomorrow,” Princess told me on the phone.
It was Friday evening, when we don’t see each other, generally 4 evenings a week, we phone each other.
“Oh?” I asked, innocently. “Why?”
I heard her laugh.
“You know why,” she replied. “Your assignment turns me on, you really have no idea. I want to do this, I want to embrace the things you are giving me and you are really opening my world. It feels a little awkward though taking the D/s to the outside world.”
“Sure kiddo, keep calm, no one will see something else than a gorgeous chick buying some sticks to support her plants” I told her, more moved by her words than I wanted to admit to myself.
“Who are you talking to, old man?” little A. suddenly asked as curious as a 12-year old should be.
Little A. was spending the weekend with me; in fact she was already staying at my place since Tuesday evening.
“I’m talking to L.”
“Say hi for me.”
So I did and said, L. says hi back to you. Little A. smiled, she adores L.

“Love you Darling,” I said to L. “And I miss you.”
“Can’t wait till tomorrow. Longing so much for your arms, your kisses. Your love.”

It was almost nine in the evening, the next day, when Princess finally arrived.
I heard her open the door, went to greet her. Held her in my arms. Kissed her, then drowned in her eyes.
“Look,” she smiled.
In her hand she held two bamboo sticks, about 93 centimeters long (some 3 feet).
“Two, Princess?”
“Yep. Wasn’t sure if they would break easily. Boy did I enjoy this. One of my daughters insisted on coming with me. In the shop I couldn’t find these sticks so I had to ask. Then my daughter asked me why I needed them. Creepy. Fuck, this was one hell of an assignment but I’m so happy you made me do this. I feel much more your submissive knowing you make me do things for you outside of your control zone. When you are not there but so present in my thoughts. Then even you control me.”
Took the sticks in my hand. Showed her that holding one stick at the end gives a different blow than holding it in the middle. It’s all about dynamics.
Princess kissed me. Whispering thank you once more. Telling me she was sad I was not able to use the stick this evening. Remember, little A’s room is next to ours.
“We have to wait until tomorrow evening, darling.” I took the sticks and hid them in my bedroom.
Then we went to the living room.
Little A. was glad to see L.
L. was glad to see little A.

“Little A.?”
“Yes pops?”
“Do you mind if L. and I go out for a drink?”
“Nope. Have fun.”

“Before we leave I have to show you something,” I said to L. and took her to my bedroom.

To be continued.

At your service

Blériot Plage, Sangatte

‘Blériot Plage’ is named to commemorate Louis Blériot who, on the July 25, 1909, was the first person to fly across the English Channel. He flew from the beach at Sangatte, to the cliffs at Dover to claim the prize offered by the Daily Mail. The crossing took 37 minutes in his aeroplane, Blériot XI, built in collaboration with Raymond Saulnier.
Sangatte itself became internationally famous because of the works for the Channel Tunnel and is the location for the tunnel’s French cooling station
(Source Wikipedia)

Blériot Plage
Blériot Plage