I love France where I feel at home.

A few years ago, it was the last time I spend my holidays with my two daughters; we stayed a week in Brittany, France.

Every single evening we drove to Binic for supper. We had great moments and little did I know it would be the last time big A. would come with me on holidays. If I had known, I had tried to make it even more special.
Fortunately we are not aware of what will happen tomorrow or even in five minutes from now. Hell, life would be unbearable.

One evening I made this image.
Fun is over, there is nothing more than emptiness and loneliness and dreams of moments that where fun but so brief in time.

Carousel, no kids anymore, it is bedtime. There are only fading echoes. Only memories.


Poles at Sangatte, France

Once again the Opal Coast in France.

This image was made with a relative long shutter speed during high tide so the movement of the water seems more like mist.

I added several textures to this image to create exactly what I had in mind when I was standing there, waiting for my camera to finish the exposure.
That evening, like most of the time before Princess finally came in my life, I was feeling blue and alone. Craving for romantics, for love, for meaning something in the life of another human being. Desperately wanting to make someone special happy. Little did I know, then, it would include cuffs, crops and whips.

I am so grateful she came into my life, my Princess.
She has made all the difference.

Poles, Sangatte