I was resting in His arms, my skin still very sensitive after one of these mind-blowing orgasms He loves to give me.
His warm skin against my back, His breath stroking softly my neck, a hand on my belly the other cupping my breast, I felt safe and wanted and loved.
“Thank you, Milord,” I whispered for the zillionth time.
“You’re welcome Princess,” He replied pressing a tender kiss on my shoulder giving me goose bumps.
We remained silent for a while, floating in post-coital heaven, almost feeling weightless. There was no sound and early morning light started to creep in our bedroom. I felt happy, in balance and so much in love.

“Do you sometimes visit a garden center, Princess?” He suddenly asked. I could almost feel Him grin and knew He was going to explore an idea.
“Why?” I asked and closed my eyes. Stupid me, this was not the answer he wanted to hear.
He pinched my nipple. Hard.
It hurt but I felt how the pain got me aroused again. I’m so sensitive to pain and He knows it, using this knowledge to his advantage.
“A simple yes or no will do,” he whispered in my ear.
“Yes, Milord. Sorry. I do go there often.”
“Good. What do you need if you want to grow a plant?”
“Let me think. Soil of course, a pot. Fertilizer maybe.”
“Okay. And what if the plant has to be supported?”
“A stick?”
“Very well Princess. And what are these sticks generally made from?”
“Bamboo if I’m not mistaken.”

I embrace our bdSM lifestyle. It has without any doubt a very positive effect on our relationship, I feel much closer to Him and our love has intensified.
Yet I’m still finding it difficult to immerse me completely, not that I don’t want to, it’s probably something I should have to work on. Therefore our little conversation didn’t ring a bell and I was still thinking what He was trying to say when He asked me what I thought about the idea.
“Bamboo?” I answered.

Then I finally understood where this was going.
“Yes that would be a new sensation,” I said, rather reluctantly.
“It would leave traces on your behind for days,” he said, His voice low and I felt how His erection started to grow against my back.
Milord gets very horny just thinking about hurting me. And I would like Him to hurt me more than He does now; sometimes I feel how He is reticent to do so. I have my kids at home and He is terrified they would notice traces of our play.

I would love to touch the marks He makes when at night I am alone in my bed, following them with my fingertips, reviving our intense moments, getting aroused and playing with myself. Coming and murmuring His name aloud in the darkness of my room.
“Are you going to get one, Milord?” I asked with a voice trembling in anticipation.
“No Princess, I will not. At your next visit at such a garden center you will look for them, trying one, hitting the palm of your hand. Mind you though, your buttocks are much more sensitive. If you like the feeling you will buy some and bring them with you, a present from you for me.”

I swallowed. It was His first assignment for me, His submissive, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take our D/s lifestyle out in the real world while doing such a simple thing as shopping. And then the sheer idea of buying something He would use to punish me with, something that would hurt so very much. O my god, I already knew we would both enjoy this very much.

Well, He knows I will do it. For Him, Milord, yet also for me, His submissive.
I’m craving for His marks on my skin, His signature for me to feel and enjoy every single moment when He is not in my life.

Ready for punishment