Punishing and other pleasures

Like every Wednesday morning Princess sneaked into my bed, curling up next to me. Kissing, whispering words where love is the main subject.
“I enjoyed reading Diary of a Submissive, couldn’t stop, it makes me hot,” Princess told me.
I had given it to her as a present last Sunday.
Yesterday, Tuesday, we spoke on the phone. I told her, little A. is staying with me for the rest of the week. I won’t be able to play with myself and I want you to do the same. Do not orgasm.
She said she wouldn’t, we would endure abstention together.

“It made you hot?” I asked. We where lying on my bed.
“Yes, it did.”
“Did you play with yourself?”
“Yes, I did, Milord. Are you going to punish me?”
I pinched one nipple very hard, then the other one. She squirmed.
“I just did,” I told her.
Held Princess in my arms, caressing her.

I had one leg between hers and her knee was on my stomach leaving her right buttock free.
Without any warning I pulled her hair and slapped her hard on her buttocks and before she had realized what happened I had turned around on the bed with Princess in my arms, slapping her on the other side of her bum, then turning around again, slapping, turning around once again. It was rollercoaster time.

“Hell, what was that for?” she moaned when it was over.
“Because you came last evening. I was counting on your loyalty but you didn’t deliver.”
“It’s a breach in trust, I agree,” she sighed. “How can I make it up?”
“You know how Princess. Just do it. NOW.”
She went down, took me in her mouth. She gives a really great blowjob.
Reached for her hair, pulling her up next to me.

“If you thought the slapping was punishment, you’re wrong.”
“Yes. I’m going to masturbate and you are going to assist me. Lick my nipples.
And then I’ll make you watch when I come.”
“Not in my mouth?” she sighed.
“No. And I know you’ll hate the humiliation, but you’ll have to lick it from my belly.”
“I won’t,” she told me. “It is a disgusting thought.”
“Finally you will,” I replied.
She screamed, tears in her eyes when I pulled her hair violently as she watched me squirt, pushing her mouth down.
Princess fought, resisted.
Finally she licked it up.
All of it.

Princess is a good girl.