No, really, never ever vanilla again.

We, Princess and I, try to end the week together, on Sunday evening, or start it, depending on your point of view. Most of the time I drive to her place, pick her up and then we go somewhere, the movies, sauna or my place.

We did the latter and on the way home we talked about some issues she had. It has nothing to do with our relation, rest assured.

At my place I immediately dragged her to my/our bedroom, I like to talk while lying down.

Finally she stopped talking, it was out of her system, it was now she and Me time.
We kissed and then I helped her out of her panty yet she remained fully dressed.
Without any warning I turned her around and her ass was in front of me. Started to slap it, gently, I was feeling romantic, so I didn’t exaggerate. Well, to be honest, gave a few hard blows, just to let her feel who is on top.

We were unaware that we had started a memorable evening.

“What was that for?” she asked when I had given a final slap, a hard one of course. Her buttocks were colored in, well, forgive me, 50 shades of red.
“Want you to feel at home, Princess,” I replied.
“Even without my place is here, at your side, Milord. I am totally yours,” she smiled.

I took Princess in my arms, pushing a leg between hers, forcing them open, her arms behind her head, one hand ready to pinch and hurt, my other hand playing with her pussy. It didn’t take long before she came; intense, as usual.

Grabbed her by her hair, dragged her of the bed.

We went to the living room where I had set up my portable studio and backgrounds.

Princess likes my blog and she thought it would be nice to combine my photographic skills with my writing. It would be her contribution to my writing as she would be my model.

There is one problem though. Yes, I have, amongst others, a degree in photography and I’ve had several expositions. Yet, photographing people isn’t my thing. I lack the art of communicating with my subjects, unable to get the most out of them.

Having Princess in front of my lens, with not much experience in properly lighting a person’s face, well, I was rather nervous.

To my big surprise it went rather well and I was able to make at least one shot we are proud of. And it was fun to see how Princess was patient, how she stood there, waiting, in the position I had learned her: legs a little apart, hands with spread fingers on her buttocks and looking straight in my eyes.

I had one shot in mind, it’s a BDSM cliché, I know, but pulling that one off could boost my confidence.
So I blindfolded Princess, then gagged her, I had never used this device before on her so it turned her on even more.

The studio session had made her hot and, well, me too so I called it a day and said, enough for now.
“I’ll browse through the 15 or so images, I’ll discover my errors and next time we will do better.”
“Okay,” she said. “I’m curious.”

Back in our bedroom we kissed and I pinched her playfully with the nails of my thumb and index, on her inner thighs, labia, squeezing her nipples, slapping her behind while Princess was lying close to me, constrained by my legs and arm.

When we fuck we keep our eyes open, we look at each other, and our mouths are touching most of the time.

I was moving and reading her eyes, her expression, where the tip of my dick was; well, where it should be. Then, without any warning I forced myself in her. She screamed and I felt like a rapist and I dug my hand in her hair, yanking, turning her head from left to right and back, to my mouth, then back in the cushion. I played the man who, after 20 years or so in solitude confinement finally had a cunt to fuck.
Felt how Princess was getting close to the ridge and I pulled out.
Caressed her, holding her, kissing, letting her feel protected, at home, loved.
She didn’t beg for more, hell, Princess is a quick learner. She knows there is more to come.

Grabbed her, took her again, fucking her even harder, as if not giving a good performance would lead me to the guillotine.
Got her close to the edge once more.
Held her tight to me, turned around and then Princess was on top of me.
She looked at me, her eyes, O my God; I could read love and lust in them.

Princess started to move. Slowly. Looking at each other.

Suddenly it happened.
I can’t describe the sounds she made. Take some moaning, a few sighs, a lot of groaning and add some purrs. Stir it, no, not shaken, with a Ohhhh that comes from very deep and you get the picture.

I felt it, lying on my back and I nearly cried, I was moved and happy at the same time. Princess had taken a new step in her/our sexuality.
When I looked in her eyes they were closed, her face in an ecstatic grin and Princess was, for a moment, far away.

O boy, it was incredible when I felt that warm liquid of hers caressing in abundance my balls.
Princess had cum and how.

After a while she saw the huge stain on my mattress protector and she was so ashamed.
I told her it was normal, I told her this was great. I told her I was honored to have made this happen. I told her this was love, this was lust, this was everything that matters.

I told her I loved her so much.
She smiled.
“I do to,” Princess replied.
I couldn’t help it. My eyes really filled with tears.
Fuck, I’m a romantic bastard, but mind you, a sadistic one.