Vanilla? No thanks.

Princess stays over for the night at my place once a week and arrives on Saturday in evening between 20:00 and 21:00

Yesterday we talked awhile, drank some Cava and then watched the Bond-movie Quantum of Solace on my iMac. We went to bed at midnight.

We kissed, enjoying the warmth of our bodies pressed together, feeling happy and so much in love.

In a few weeks we will be together for 15 months and Princess has changed my life for the better. I can’t image not having her in my life; she has completely gotten under my skin. My dearest wish is to grow old with her and make her happy, every single day.

We kissed, caressing each other softly and we started our lovemaking and I wanted it to be very vanilla.
Eventually it didn’t exactly go that way, we ended up playing when I was holding Princess against me with one arm, hand on her back, stroking myself, stopping to tease her, going back to masturbate. She was scratching my skin with her long nails, hurting me and I was enjoying it.

Started scratching her back too, really hard and she responded immediately, she got even wetter, my fingers felt her lips open. Princess was groaning and looking in my eyes.

“Hurt me, please Milord,” she begged.
I did, digging my nails in her skin.
“More, please Milord,” she moaned.

Pulled her hair, violently, surprised now I didn’t pull it all out.
She came with such power, trembling, her hips moving wildly, arching her back, eyes still open and looking intensely at me.

“O God”, Princess screamed and sank down in my arms. I held her tenderly, close and warm. Princess was still shivering, her skin covered with goose bumps, breathing heavily, her heart ponding as mad and she made little noises, like a purring cat.
After a while she kissed me, her eyes filled with endless love.

“Now it is your turn, Milord. Am I allowed? Please?”
“Sure Princess,” I answered, smiling.
I got one leg between hers, my knee in her groin.

Princess licked my nipples while scratching with long hauls over my torso. It was a maddening feeling and the pain danced with the feeling of lust I was building while masturbating.
Princess scratched even more, even harder, riding my knee, hurting me makes her cum too, and I let her do this do me now and then as I find it extremely liberating to experience lust and pain myself.
Shortly after she came she noticed how I was getting near my edge.
“Look,” she said and turned her back so I could see the scars and bruises I had just made.
“O boy,” I sighed and was finally pushed over the edge.
Princess was just in time so I could fill her mouth, my orgasm so intense; it felt as if every nerve end of my body was stimulated and warmth came over me.

Princess kissed me; I tasted myself and enjoyed it.
Then she held me, stroking me gently and telling me how much she loves me.
Finally at 02:35 we fell asleep.

I woke up next to Princess and my eyes filled with tears of sheer happiness when I watched her still asleep.

Princess is the love of my life.
I’m so grateful I found her.
I’m so happy she is in my life.

Princess and I