A promise

“Which one you like most?”
“I cherish them all, Milord.”
“No preferred one?”
“No, each of them pleasure me in a different way, Milord.”
“Yes Milord, they do. Well, to be honest, one of them really stings, hurts, makes scars on my skin, burns, so I think of You when I sit down the next few days. To be honest, I prefer that one. Yes, I do. But give me time to adjust, Milord.
“I want of fall in love with that riding crop, Milord.”
“Tell me Princess, why?”
“It will scar my skin, leave traces for ever, it is Your tattoo, Milord. It will be Your mark, Milord. I want You to sign my skin, Milord. I am Yours. Forever.”

My whips

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