Came a spider

One evening, I must have been 5 or so, my father came home from work with a present for me.
Impatient I opened the parcel and found a rubber tarantula with a plastic tube and when you squeezed the bellows the spider jumped up.
Then my mother came in the living room and I said, “Mommy, look what Daddy got me.”
I made the spider jump, my eyes shining from sheer pleasure.
She screamed, yelled and almost fainted.
I was sent to bed and the next morning I couldn’t find the spider anywhere. It had disappeared.Thrown away with the garbage.

For years to come I would suffer from arachnophobia.

A few years ago I started to get interested in macro photography and started to make close-ups from spiders, trying to get past my phobia.
I must say it helped me a lot although I still tend to freeze when I see a big spider.

This is one of these spider portraits, a crab spider.

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