A day in the life

This morning Princess sneaked into my bed. On Wednesdays we both don’t work and the time we spend together, before she has to leave to pick up her kids from school at noon, is pure luxury.
We kissed awhile then she undressed and crawled next to me, her body soft, warm.

“Do you know what Princess is longing for?” she whispered.
I smiled, she is an open book.
“No, I don’t”, I lied.
“A good whipping. Princess wants to feel her buttocks burn.”
I went to the chest of drawers and took the 3 whips out and threw them on the bed. One flogger, two horsewhips.
“Which one?” I told her.
“Just pleasure me, Milord.”

I grabbed her by the hair, leading her from the bed to the doorpost. Took her wrists and guided them against the closed door, pulling her back a little, so her behind was easily accessible.
Kicked against her ankles so she would spread her legs more, Princess needs some training on that detail. Spreading legs should come natural.
Took the flogger and started with soft blows, stopping now and then to caress her behind or stroking gently with my hand between her thighs.
Harder and harder, the sound of the leather on her reddening skin made me almost cum. Hit her between the legs at some occasions, she sighed, eyes closed, making soft noises in agony.
I threw the flogger on the bed. Took one of the horsewhips and gave her some violent blows, the lashes became red instantly.
“O my god”, she sighed, turning around, searching my mouth, her tongue dancing with mine. Her nipples hard and under my hand I felt her buttocks burning.
Grabbed Princess again and threw her backwards on the bed.

Went down on her, hell, she was soaking wet, and with no effort at all I got three fingers in her, licking her, drinking her, she tastes so good. Princess moaned, sighed, her nails buried in the skin of my back, scratching me. Deliberately hurting me, as she knows it makes my desire grow.
I found her nipples, pinching them, pulling, tormenting them; I was ready to take no prisoners.
Finally Princess came and how. Dark stains of her wet on my coffee with cream-colored bed protection.
Took her in my arms, my Princess, holding her, stroking her sensitive skin. Aftercare is so important, even more when lovemaking is this intensive, when pain is mixed with lust, with pleasure.
She kissed me, soft and tender, whispering a thousand times “I love you”.
“Where are we going with this?” she asked me after a while.
“A month or two ago you couldn’t stand me pinching your nipples. Now I can’t squeeze hard enough. Maybe you will need more pain or maybe we should slow things down.”
She didn’t answer, maybe because it is a frightening discussion.
Then Princess referred to something we discussed a few days ago.
“Please”, she told me, “I want, no, I need to be collared.”
“Okay”, I promised. “Next Saturday I will collar you. Soft leather and a silver chain to go with.”
Princess is getting there. I was happy to hear her thank me twice for making her cum. It was a very nice “Thank you, Milord” and she made me very happy.
“I’m completely yours”, she murmured, kissing my nipples, licking with the tip of her tongue. Biting, ever so careful, hell, to careful in fact.
Me masturbating.
She played my body, skilfully and shortly after I ejaculated in her mouth and she drank it and kissed me so I could taste myself.

I had a thousand questions for Princess. I wanted to know which whip she liked the most.

My iPhone said beep. It was a message of Big A., my eldest daughter.
“Come and fetch me from school. NOW.”
It was 10:30.
“Are you ill?” I texted.
“Phone me. Please”
I did.
A. was hysterical.
“What’s the matter?” I asked.
“He is dead.”
“My first boyfriend. Fell asleep behind the wheel. This morning, 2 am”
“Okay”, I told her. “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”
“I’m sorry, Princess.”
“No problem my love. Drive careful.”
So I did.

20 minutes later, as promised, I held my eldest daughter in my arms and she cried.
Boy, did she cry.
Hell, I cried too.
I didn’t know how to take her pain away.

4 thoughts on “A day in the life”

  1. Prinses pijnigen omdat ze dat graag wil en vlak daarna je dochter’s pijn proberen af te nemen.. wat een contrast!

  2. Two different types of comforting in a day. I never expected such a twist in someone’s day. I hope your daughter is feeling a lot better now.

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