An earring

March 20th, 2012
I took Princess out to dinner to celebrate our first 6 months together.
Gave her earrings.

A few days ago.
I drove Princess home, parked on her driveway and got out of my car. In the soft light of a full moon I saw something shining at my feet.

Intrigued I picked it up. It was one of the earrings, half buried in the mud.
I looked at her and she sighed, at the verge of crying.

“I must have lost it when I was looking in my purse for the keys of my home”, she murmured.

“Sure”, I said, mad as hell. “I’ll have to punish you; this is the first jewelry I ever bought you!”
Her beautiful eyes filled with tears.
“I’m so sorry”, she whispered. “I deserve to be punished.”
“What is it worth to you?” I asked.
“Ten”, she timidly answered.
“Okay”, I replied, “you count out loud; one mistake and I start over again.”
I finally gave her 30 hard whips.
Princess thanked me.
I told her it was entirely my pleasure.

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